Peru 2017 – Colca Canyon trek (2 to 4 days)

Colca Canyon is one of the main attractions in Peru. It’s around 4 hours drive from Arequipa, Peru’s second biggest city after Lima. It’s a beautiful valley, named after the Rio Colca, with a side valley where the Rio Huaruro flows.
Travel agencies take different routes, but the route we did definitely beautiful. Nice articles:

Detailed route for GPS navigation

This is a very nice hike, but to my knowledge until now there was no map or track. Via the link below you can download the detailed GPS track. There is no Internet in Cabanaconde (or anywhere on this trek), so be sure to download everything you need on beforehand.

We did it in the direction Cabanaconde – Llahuar (with hot springs) – Fure – Sangalle – Cabanaconde, but the other way is possible as well.

2 days version Most people who have 2 days go to Llahuar and then to Sangalle, skipping Fure. You can see the roads from Llahuar to Fure on the map below, I didn’t make a GPS route for it.
3 days version This is the version on the map, with nights in Llahuar Lodge and in Sangalle (also called “Oasis”).
4 days version If you have another day, you could go to the waterfall north of Fure. It’s easy to find from Fure as there’s only one way. You can see the roads on the map below, I didn’t make a GPS route for it.