Peru 2017 – Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Lima, night in Lima
Day 2 Bus to Ica and hike to Huacachina, night in Huacachina
Day 3 Daytrip to Islas Ballestas, night in Huacachina
Day 4 Visit Ica, bus to Arequipa
Day 5 Arrival Arequipa, bus to Cabanaconde, night in Cabanaconde
Day 6 Colca Canyon hike, day 1, from Cabanaconde to Llahuar
Day 7 Colca Canyon hike, day 2, from Llahuar via Fure to Sangalle (Oasis)
Day 8 Colca Canyon hike, day 3, from Sangalle to Cabanaconde. Night in Cabanaconde
Day 9 Bus back from Cabanaconde to Arequipa, visit Arequipa.
Day 10 Bus to Puno. Visit Puno and lake Titicaca. Bus to Cusco. Night in Cusco.
Day 11 Visit Cusco, book trips, arrange equipment.
Day 12 Visit Maras y Moray
Day 13 Day 1 Cachicata trek from Pachar via Socma to Rayan, night in Rayan
Day 14 Day 2 Cachicata trek from Rayan to Cachicata, night in Cachicata
Day 15 Day 3 Cachicata trek arrival in Cachicata, visit Urubamba, train to Aguas Calientes, night in Aguas Calientes
Day 16 Visit Machu Picchu, bus to Cusco, night in Cusco
Day 17 Daytrip with zipline and rafting, night in Cusco
Day 18 Daytrip to Rainbow Mountains, night in Cusco
Day 19 Flight from Cusco to Lima
Day 20 Departure from Lima



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